Saturday, January 26, 2013

"MOM! Don't Clean My Room!" and More From A Disgruntled Housewife

"Guess what?" I ask my daughter as we pulled out of our meeting spot on a Friday night not too long ago.

"What?" she said with a smile that I knew was not going to last too long.

"We're going to clean your room," I say almost getting a kick out of what her response would be.

"Ugh! I hate it when you help!" She said as she slunked down into the seat of the gray ghost.  (Thats what I call a beat up Yukon that is apparently invisible to animals.)

You know, I don't mind cleaning, washing, feeding and all else that I do, but sometimes it gets to be a little much.

For example, I stepped outside the other day, and right on my front porch was a huge pile a la Sweetie. The irony in it?  Some how, there was a huge papertowel crumpled up laying right in the middle of it. 


I know, "only at our place" is the only excuse I can give at this point.  The weird thing (yes, even more weird than a heifer lounging on a front porch) No one else had been out that day because it was so cold, did Fluffy try to help her?  Like, "Suzanne's going to be mad enough that you put a huge pile of poo on the steps, maybe if I clean you up she won't be as mad."

Not really, now I have a frozen terd pile with a huge paper towel frozen in it.

What's the point of this story?

That I could hire out my heifer for Charmin commercials?  No.  Well maybe, but I digress. 

I think the fact of the matter is, is that even I pulled out NINE bags of trash out of my daughter's bedroom, I pick up enough food off of my floor daily to make me wonder why we don't have a huge mouse problem (Big D says it's because "A mouse would walk in here and run out'd think it was one big trap.).

The fact of the matter is, I do love my life.  My kids messy as they are, are pretty cool.  Them, along with my husband as caring as he is and as goofy as my cow is....

means I should be getting me one heck of a Valentines Day Gift! 

Fairchild "Wading through the piles" Farmgirl