Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Farm Festivities

That's a mouthful.  Well, we are burning the midnight oil here, or as I described it as "the Hail Mary Pass" to someone that asked about it this morning. 

We're getting ready for the Annual Fairchild Pumpkin Patch.  I make it sound like we have done this for years.  It's only year 2.  =) 

After last year the wheels have been turning in my head faster than ever.  I don't know if it's my competitive spirit, my "gotta be perfect" hosting skills or what...

I'm obsessed.  This year we are having the coolest pumpkin patch ever.  Our haunted trail is being turned into a magical story called  "Alice In Halloween Land".  It's a spin on The real story written by Lewis Carroll back int he late 1800's. 

We are also having a barrel train, corn box, tire mountain, gift shop, and many other things (including a potato sling shot).

It's going to be cool. 


Crazy Fairchild Farmgirl (who moonlights as a Fall Festival planner, which tomorrow I will be back to my normal job as cattle wrangler as we work 300+ head tomorrow.)

PS...I'm not going to tell you what these two last pics are of, that way you can come and find out for yourself.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Shorty: The Day The Circus Came To Town

It's hard to believe that these little angels could be naughty in church isn't it?  Well, after the priest started his wonderful sermon, I felt pushing into me.  Rachel and Grace were actually in a fist fight. 

Most embarrassing moment?

When Maggie took the money from the collection plate when it was the kids offering and brought it back to me.  The priest looked dumbfounded, and Grace started chasing her down the isle telling her to give it back. 

Finally, a discouraged Grace says, "whatever, just keep it."


Yes, I did put it back in the collection plate, when it went around. 
Things didn't get much better after the modern day Robin Hood incident, more hitting, "Boobyhead" calling, followed by, "I HAVE TO PEE" and the most familiar hitting of the head on the pew with wailing.

Kara and I looked at each other and said, "Next time, dad babysits!"

Friday, September 16, 2011

Once Upon A Prolapse

Hey everybody!  I hope all is well with you as we all journey into the fall season.  =)

I don't now what brought that on, but I digress...onto the blog.

So yesterday morning I get a call from Ron he's down in the yards looking at a cow we got in last night that got turned back from the packer.  She had a prolapse.  A bad one.  A really bad one.  We were the most convenient stop for the trucker...the lucky one I guess.

By the way, above is my vet in training...Maggie.

Now, let it be known that I always tell you that I drag you, the reader, with me in my farm life.  I show people this stuff because it's not a piece of cake working with livestock.  Also, how it is to work with your you honey!!!  I could tell you about how Ron and I worked cattle yesterday and I as I was trying to push them down the chute I met a hoof about 12 inches from my face.  To those of you who have worked cattle with your husband you'll know about this;

"Get in front of them!" REALLY?  The dust is whirling in my face since the sky forgot to rain for about a month, I can't see as it is and I'm supposed to jump in front of a white cow barrelling down on me and I have to try to make it stop?

"Chase'm, get 'em goin' down the chute!" Hence hoof kicked clear up by my head.  Our prod broke in two when Ron took over my job. 

Just sayin'.

SO back to my story about the prolapse.  Look away if you must...oh just look it's interesting!

This cow got rejected from a USDA inspected plant.  But, she's just fine to bring to a local butcher.  The only thing is, a prolapse can bring on a fever.  We had to temp her.

Back to the phone call from Ron.  "Can you come temp this prolapse?  I don't want to get my hands dirty.  Smart @$$.

"Sure," I said. "I'll just finish those cupcakes for you when I get up to the house.  After. I. handle. her. guts. with. my. bare. hands.  You see, I can be a smart Alec too and I'm not a glove fan.  Not because I enjoy touching slimy warm gut stuff, but because in certain situations, you can feel what's going on much better without. 

That's her gut pile coming out from her "lady parts".  Women can prolapse too after giving birth.  What the past feedlot should have done before putting her on the"sale barn bus" is give her a spinal so she wouldn't have pushed it out so bad. 

That's yours truly at 8 AM temping that poor cow.  Thank you Big D for not photographing the pajama shorts that I still was wearing.  I had to make sure her temperature was at or below 102 then she was fine to butcher.  After all, this is no quality of life for any living thing.  AND it was nice that we could still use her and not have to put her down and waste her life. 

101.5...she's good to go.

Ron took her to the butcher after I did the deed. 

I did get him back, however, it wasn't EXACTLY me.  It was one of my henchmen...or henchwomen I suppose.

Don't you agree he shouldn't leave the his shop door open?  Now that Sweetie thinks she's the family dog, she walks around all over the farm.  Sometimes going to the feedlot and sneaking some rations of the older cows.  Anyway, to make a long story short, she must have eaten a pretty hot ration because she had the poops pretty bad. 

To make a long story short, she took (gave) a big diarrhea poop on his shop floor.  I did not tell her to do this!



Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Sunday's Shorty" What's That Smell?

I'll give anybody that finds that dead mouse five bucks it's in the freezer room.  I'll throw in an extra dollar if DON'T show it to me.

Happy trails, can anybody find the Lysol and more mouse traps? =) Oh the wonders of fall!
Fairchild Farmgirl