Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We Gone

Hi everybody.  Have you ever had a time in your life that you just needed to get away?

We did too.

For months we waited, dreamed and schemed about our friend's wedding in eastern Idaho.  Did I mention squirreled money away and didn't buy take out pizza?

We didn't (okay so not as often).

This vacation was amazing.  Just Ron and I roaming the west, exploring cool shops, small museums and great towns.  This is a picture of Ron in Yellowstone.  We were so excited to see some elk or something wild.  I'm sorry to say the only wild thing we saw was a picture of an elk on a sign saying caution.  It should have said, "but if you are driving behind the Fairchilds don't worry...they must have wildlife repellent. "

Still can't believe we saw NOTHING.

The wedding was awesome.  It was up on the grooms summer ranch at about 7,000 feet on Phelps mountain on about 1,000 acres.  Never before did I want endless cornfields and flat ground like I did as we wound our way up that mountain on a dirt logging road with no guard rails.  I "scaredy texted"  that's what I called writing 30 texts in about an hour when my phone didnt' even get signal.  Ron would get to a bad spot and he'd say, "you just k-e-e-p texting."  Or, "don't look this is BAD!"

The funnest town was by far Cody WY.  We stayed at the Chamberlinn.  I had to keep a secret from Ron...it was haunted.  I've mentioned the haunted hotel route before and it was a no go.  This time as I read the reviews on other hotels in town  on Trip Advisor.com, I knew this was the only option.

We woke up in that beautiful place the next day and he said that he hadn't had such a  good night sleep in a long time.  I on the other hand, barely slept a wink, worried the ghost, "Nancy" the chambermaid was standing over me.  I can't remember saying so many prayers in my life...with my eyes shut.  But over all that was the most beautiful, greatest place...where else would I get chocolates on my bed?  Okay, at home I guess, but that's because a bunch of kids have just snuck chocolate chips and they hid under my blankets to eat them while leaving brown smears on the sheets (from the chocolate of course)  Hee hee!

We also discussed how Butte Montana needed a guy like Joe Kolbach to fix it up.  There could be so much done to that historical city.

But after a few days, we started to miss the kids and the thought of all the work that needed to be done at home ate at us like my kids with a new bag of Nestle Tollhouse.

So we ended up cutting it short. The other night, Ron asked me "where we at this time last week?"
Well, I said as I put my arm around him..."we were coming down Phelps mountain. I didn't see much because I was in the fetal position hiding under my sweatshirt."
"Oh yeah, that's right", he said with a chuckle.

Good times....good times.

I'm back,
Fairchild farmgirl

In retrospect...wouldn't it be nice to have a maid?  Ghost or not.  I say if she can at least pick up the place, she can stay.