Sunday, June 23, 2013

Momma Din't Raise No Fool...Or Maybe She Did, Just This Once

So I'm not proud of this.

My fingers got caught in the garage door to the shop. 

It hurts. Bad. 

You know what?  It was really stupid. I mean, a person knows that crease is going to close tight, with or without your fingers in it.  Case in mom did raise a fool.

Now onto the other side of the spectrum...I am not raising fools.  I'm raising hard workers.  I promise not to brag too much...

But maybe if my kids read this, I may get an extra sink of dishes done or breakfast in bed.

A gal can try right?

Cody, our oldest has a 40 hour a week job working construction.  "Mom, do you know that I put $35 of gas into my car and it didn't even fill it?"    "Yes son, I put $95 into my truck and its only at 3/4 of a tank."

I wonder if he caught my sarcasm?

Ashlyn is picking rock and babysitting working towards a new phone and fun stuff at the Crystal Springs Rodeo.  I told her I got a phone when I was 30.  She was unimpressed.

Kara is picking rock and working for me on the produce section of the farm.  She's not only working to buy stuff at the rodeo, but she's doing all the record keeping here to use as part of a FFA project.  As a mom I'm super happy. 

Grace and Rachel even got in on a little rock picking.  When asked what Rachel thought she should make for three hours of picking, she thought her price would be about $100.   Grace said her other money making project for the summer was going to create artwork for the Gary art show during the 4th of July Festivities.  She was going to call it refrigerator art. LOL!

So what did I do for summertime work when I was their age?  Picked worms for a local bait shop.  $9 per thousand.  My sisters and I would make enough money each summer for buying school clothes in the fall. When I told my kids that I did that and asked if they ever would I got this reply:

"Gross mom," accompanied by a look like I was half crazy.  I think they'll just stick to picking rock for area farmers.

Have a great month of July!  Enjoy family, friends, and the town of Gary and surrounding areas.  There's so much fun to be had!

Fairchild Farmgirl