Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fall Into Fall on the Fairchild Farm

Have you ever heard of people "speaking in tongues"?

Here at the Fairchild Farm, we speak in projects.  Yep...projects.  I never even paid much attention until we got our foreign exchange student from Holland.  Him and I were making jam today, actually he was making it, I was telling how to do it.

(PS Never tell me that you've never cooked before and you are 17...I'll set you up.)

Anyway, we were discussing  what we were going to do next, talking in between learning about rolling boils as opposed to a regular boil when Lenn asked me what the next project was.

"We finished the hay, butchered the chickens, trimmed the grapes, we are working on wool now, then it's the Pumpkin Patch right?" He said.

Not exactly....

First we harvest grapes, we still have work in the garden, we have school next week and a wool show mid September.   Plus we have more chickens to butcher.  He also runs Cross Country for Canby and is even more excited to play basketball for Canby this next season since back in Holland, they don't have school sports.

Without skipping a beat, he starts to laugh and tells me how excited he is for winter...when he can just sit around and read a book, because "we just have to feed the animals right"?

He's never experienced a MN/SD snowstorm and shoveling...


All in all, we are thrilled that Lenn is here. He loves to keep busy, learn how to do new things and make us laugh.  He also loves to help with new ideas on how we should do things.  He's very smart.   Back home he lives 30 minutes from Amsterdam where there is 1150 people on the square mile.  He can't get over how WE  are it on the square mile. He loves the animals, the space, hanging out with all of us (or so he says, smile) and experiencing country life on a farm in a rural community.

But do you know what he really loves?

Jam, jam and more jam.  I've never bought so much bread in my life!

Fairchild Farmgirl saying "vaarwel"
Goodbye in Dutch.