Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The New Kid On The Block

Well, it happened.  Cocoa was getting to be the straw that broke the camels back.  She wouldn't let Grace lead her around, would put her ears back and chased her out of her pen and would try to buck her off. 

As a parent, I knew that there are way too many kid friendly horses that need a home and it was time to put wheels under Cocoa. 

At first I thought I'd miss her, you know, how she would wheel her butt around to kick when a person went in her pen...

But alas...we are back in love.

Welcome home Mitch. 

Even though you did get out of your pen this morning and we found you about 3 miles west of our place.  I sat on the phone waking up neighbors to see if they you were at their places.   We tracked your butt through soaking wet plowen, I rode the four wheeler with Grace in the rain looking for you til there was so much mud in our eyes we couldn't stand it anymore....

Did I mention it was 40 degrees and raining?

Then I walked you home over a mile with a hole in my boot (my bad I never remember to throw those away) again, in the rain, of course, uphill the whole way (not really), cold but sweaty (again, my bad, I'm out of shape).

After that, I still love you because when we FINALLY found you, you were spooked, but went right up to Grace like she was your very best friend. 

Fairchild Farmgirl

PS I'm out of coffee. 

(Of course).