Tuesday, April 22, 2014

One Of My Babies Just Got Bigger

This is my Rachel.  She's as sweet as pudding and likes to hug anything in her path; dogs, dads, moms, siblings, assorted kids and sometimes the feed rep.  If she could hug the Schwanns man she would. 

She graduated Headstart today. 

Technically, she is going back next year with her little brother in tow.  Poor Sally and Lola, I don't think they know what they signed up for, two Fairchild kids could be good for your heart after all.

I had to have an inner chuckle (that's the kind you do so your kids don't think that your laughing at them).  She was wearing a crazy outfit with bright purple tights on.  "This is what she wanted," Ashlyn said rolling her eyes, (we have a lot of eye rolling at our house.  With a 14 year old and two 12's, eyes roll so much I'm surprised eyes aren't rolling down the driveway).

Anyway, as I looked at her outfit, I thought about how my mom would've handled this day and the clothing.  I mentioned to Ron that when our ship came in, we were going to have to buy all the girls some dress shoes, and then I wiped the mud off her tennis shoes with a wet rag and put them on her over the loud purple tights.  He mentioned back that either they would wear new dress shoes in the feedlot or take them off at the trampoline, then forget about them and Fluffybear would have a bunch of new chew toys. 

He's right you know.

My mom, well I know what she'd have done.  She'd have wiped the mud off of the old crusty tennis shoes and put them on over the loud purple tights and said how pretty we were.  That's her and I always pray that I take after her...love ya madre.  You too Rachel...I'm so proud of them both.

Happy Trails,

PS Find my mom's cool sewing stuff on Etsy. http://www.etsy.com/people/NancysNimbleThimble

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