Tuesday, July 17, 2012

When The Jig Is Up

Remember when you were a kid and if you lived on a farm like these three (mine) you had imaginations and you could make a great toy out of just about anything? 

Well sometimes you get in trouble with that attitude. 

Each night I bathe these three and there is actual grit/sand/corn screenings/mud or whatever else you can imagine in the bottom of the tub.

In this particular picture they snuck down in the bunk and got into corn screenings.  At first I thought this was some pig feed, but Ron filled the big feeder so...


As you can see, they're all white, Maggie on the left is laughing because that's what she does when she gets in trouble (yikes), Levi is crying because he's full of drama (yikes again), and Jessica well, she was just along for the heck of it (see Farmgirl's hair turn gray).

My favorite dirty memory as a kid? Having to screen the cat poop out of our gravel pile with old window screens each morning before my brother and I could play in it.

Looking back at the house that I grew up in with five siblings, looked like ones that I paint.

 Abandoned and scary looking.

I also think back at how my parents didn't have running water and when we had to take a bath it sure the heck wasn't every night and water had to be hauled in and boiled (and I recall being this dirty a lot!). 

I know...I AM only 38.    Those were some hard times back in the 80's when they farmed.  My but my grandparents lived in Minneapolis and were very wealthy, so going there was such a treat!  I remember taking long baths every night and because of this, I still love the smell of yellow Dial soap.

Okay, I went down memory lane and missed the road sign that said "you can stop now".

Back to these three.  They were at it again tonight, except they were playing "garden" in the huge clay pile and walking through duck poop with bare feet.

"Mom!  Get your kids in the tub!"  As Ron hauls them in one by one without letting them touch the floor and straight to the waiting bath. 

Then as I took Jessica's diaper off it was full...

of clay.

Come on, she's a farm kid!

Fairchild Farmgirl


  1. I grew up in the suburbs so our life was pretty sterile. But we would go to my grandparents in the country. Man I loved to get dirty. Horses, chickens, cats, cows. It was fun! One day a caught a chicken and carried it around all day. I got scrubbed down to the hide that night. FUn. Terah

  2. I laughed so hard I have a belly ache! Talk about going down memory lane, I could write a book on some of the things I kept myself entertained doing. I had a very vivid imagination as a child and could see a fun oportunity in just about anything. The first thing I remember is when I was almost three was picking up a baby chicken that didn't make it. I loved the feel of the soft feathers on my face. My mother and aunt tried everything they could think of to get that poor thing out of my clutches. I squeezed it too hard hanging on, needless to say I looked like someone squished an egg all over me. I got washed off in the the irrigation ditch then to the house for a bath and clean clothes. LOL I have a few more stories I could entertain you with. I'll bet Suzanne knows me! :D