Wednesday, February 27, 2013

When Your Cow Discovers Social Media

It's some body's birthday month here at the farm. 

One of the kids?

Well not exactly...

Yes, it's Sweetie's  birthday.  In case you're new to this, my heifer is turning three years old as of mid March and she thinks she's one of the family.  Or may be we think she is and she could care less.  Not sure.  She does like the attention however. 

Anyway, back to the subject at hand.  My was a matter of time folks.  It started when I would put photo's up on my page about that goofy bovine of mine; how she would dig trash out of the dumspter, put a hole through my screen door, sneak in the shop and had diarrhea all over the floor (wait a minute, she's starting to turn into a liability instead of an asset).

Well, people got a kick out of her and her shenanigans.  Then someone suggested that she get her own page on Facebook, especially after the pumpkin patch this year when we thought she was at her peak of stardom.  I thought, 'hey, she's old enough for her own page, as long as she doesn't put up anything embarrassing of her herself.'

I kid...she hasn't mastered the computer yet since her hooves are too big for typing, LOL. Again, kidding. 

In less than a month that cow has buddies from all over the world.  Seriously.  She's almost up to 200. She has contests about Ag trivia and is has prize giveaways (which are non other than 8x10 glossy photos of herself.

So do I regret my decision?

Only if she gets more friends than I have. 

Fairchild Farmgirl.

PS Her "handle" on Facebook is Sweetie Moo Fairchild.

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