Friday, April 29, 2011

There's a Theif Among Us

Not to take away from the Royal wedding across the pond, but we here have solved a mystery that even Scotland Yard would be proud of.

You see, something (or someone) has been stealing our eggs for quite some time. Actually we weren’t sure if they were truly being stolen or if it was just the hens hiding their nests again. Let me tell you, on a hot summer’s day when you find a nest with 30-40 eggs in it, it’s always a crap shoot to see what’s good or bad. That smell is terrible! Of course if you don’t want to play Russian Roulette with your nose, you can always use the water test to see if there’s any floaters (that means their bad).

But anyway, yesterday Ron and I were out and about in the yard while the kids were napping. I had just happened to look at the sheep barn and saw Sparky the donkey looking in the door as if standing guard. Of course this couldn’t be right, and he knows he’ll get in trouble when he’s caught in there, so Ron and I had to investigate.

As we got closer, he whinnied a little and stepped back then started to munch on some grass not to far from the door like nothing was going on. “Where’s the dog?” Ron asked barely whispering.

“I bet were going to find out” I said equally quiet from behind. We snuck into the barn, barely breathing as we crept to the chicken coop. There that little turkey was, with her head in a nesting box; munching, blissfully unaware that she’d been caught.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE!” Ron yelled. Let me tell you, if you want to see a 140 pound Newfoundland have the crap scared out of her, this would have been your chance. “GET OUT OF HERE NOW!” He yelled but was laughing, she looked like a scared bull in a china cabinet trying to clamor her way out. When she went through the door, she slammed into (what I now believe was her accomplice) Sparky running all the way to her doghouse.

I think I know the reason why he was in on the shenanigans. He involuntarily gave up his part of the barn to Sweetie, our heifer calf. He’s been pacing back in forth in front of her fence smelling the delicious calf starter that has a heavy molasses scent to it. I knew he’d be jealous. =)

So, all is well back at the ranch. Ron came in last night with 4 eggs. As I was telling my mom the daily dose of funny, she asked wryly, “didn’t her shiny coat tip you off?”

Happy trails

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