Saturday, April 30, 2011

You Know It's Too Windy When...

  • When you're worried about feeding cattle because most of the ration will end up in the neighbor's yard.
  • When your dog looks like she just came from the dentist because her jowls are so inflated while looking into the wind.
  • When you're worried about having the sheep barn door suck shut on a kids hand and dismembering them.  Seriously, it's a heavy door!
  • When the loose tin on the hog shed rattles so bad it sounds like you're under heavy artillery fire.
  • When you have to wear safety glasses to go to the mail box.
  • When you find your neighbor's credit card information stuck in your sheep's wool as you're doing chores.
The number one reason you know it's too windy...
  • When you have one of the kids bring out the pig feed to throw over the fence and most of it flies back on their clothes instead of hitting the ground (poor Ashlyn)!
Happy trails!

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