Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Farm Festivities

That's a mouthful.  Well, we are burning the midnight oil here, or as I described it as "the Hail Mary Pass" to someone that asked about it this morning. 

We're getting ready for the Annual Fairchild Pumpkin Patch.  I make it sound like we have done this for years.  It's only year 2.  =) 

After last year the wheels have been turning in my head faster than ever.  I don't know if it's my competitive spirit, my "gotta be perfect" hosting skills or what...

I'm obsessed.  This year we are having the coolest pumpkin patch ever.  Our haunted trail is being turned into a magical story called  "Alice In Halloween Land".  It's a spin on The real story written by Lewis Carroll back int he late 1800's. 

We are also having a barrel train, corn box, tire mountain, gift shop, and many other things (including a potato sling shot).

It's going to be cool. 


Crazy Fairchild Farmgirl (who moonlights as a Fall Festival planner, which tomorrow I will be back to my normal job as cattle wrangler as we work 300+ head tomorrow.)

PS...I'm not going to tell you what these two last pics are of, that way you can come and find out for yourself.

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