Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Shorty: The Day The Circus Came To Town

It's hard to believe that these little angels could be naughty in church isn't it?  Well, after the priest started his wonderful sermon, I felt pushing into me.  Rachel and Grace were actually in a fist fight. 

Most embarrassing moment?

When Maggie took the money from the collection plate when it was the kids offering and brought it back to me.  The priest looked dumbfounded, and Grace started chasing her down the isle telling her to give it back. 

Finally, a discouraged Grace says, "whatever, just keep it."


Yes, I did put it back in the collection plate, when it went around. 
Things didn't get much better after the modern day Robin Hood incident, more hitting, "Boobyhead" calling, followed by, "I HAVE TO PEE" and the most familiar hitting of the head on the pew with wailing.

Kara and I looked at each other and said, "Next time, dad babysits!"


  1. Is that little heifer a great babysitter or what? Love it. I'm so happy to see you back! I missed you. Terah

  2. By the way.... I would love it if we were neighbors. But I might hurt myself laughing so much. I have a new story for you about "payback" ... When you spouse throws a rotten "calf sack at you". xoxo Terah

  3. Doesn't TH know that eventually he will have to shut his eyes and sleep?