Sunday, September 23, 2012

To My Fellow Halloweenies.

Some of you might expect me to talk all about our new baby that we had September 8th and not stop this whole article...

I'll refrain.

Even though he is so cute, chubby, perfect, and I just want to kiss the crap out of him non-stop, I have even bigger fish to fry: 


I could start out with a story, true even...that happened 6 years ago on Halloween night:

My blond haired, blue eyed, heifer riding Rachel was born!

But I digress...

Back to this very special month of October: 

Look around you...the crops are in, the beetles are out, the dogs growing her winter fur, the ram is doing what he's supposed to be doing, the culls in the feedlot are doing well, even dropping calves every so often. 

The air is also crisp and the frost is definitely on the pumpkin. 

So, do you know what time it is?

Time to open the farm up to school kids, families and parties.  It's the Fairchild Pumpkin Patch time! 

Time to introduce kids to Sweetie the heifer, let the kids feel a sheep and watch a piglet poop all over my sweatshirt when I pick one up so they can feel it's bristly hair. 

Tis the season to stay up on Friday and Saturday night way past midnight making apple pies and filling orders for caramel apples.

Waiting for the sounds of kids giggling as they run through a 200 round bale maze or laugh as they take a ride on a barrel train. 

Wondering what the classes that come out are going to think about all the smells and sounds that come with riding through our feedlot, picking out their favorite cow and touching and smelling the feed that the cows eat. 

Listening to moms and dads chuckle at some of the funny haunts that we have made on the walking trail...

Yep, bring on October...Fairchild Farms is ready for it. 


The Soon To Be Caffienated Farmgirl

PS...Here's baby Tedd looking very suprised,, LOL!  He's named after Ron's wonderful uncle Ted.  He's missed so much but seeing baby Tedd's face makes us feel like Uncle Ted is right here with us. 

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