Sunday, May 1, 2011

Smartest little boy ever!

The avearge person would see just a roll of toilet paper paper (or what we affectionately call "buttwipe"), a used to be a hard crusty cheese stick pulled from who knows what corner of the house but it had to go, and a "make you own" popsicle holder. 

I want to show you what the future farmer of the house sees with the toilet paper...

A hay bale that he can haul on his semi.

Here he's using crunched up Chex cereal as feed for his livestock.  Amazingly it looks like feed! He's a smart lil' feller!  And yes, he's hauling out the manure (wool from our sheep before it gets spun) on his tractor.

Ron and Levi were out cutting trees in the grove the other afternoon.  He's so determined to copy Ron when they do something new together.  He marched right in the house, right to the junk drawer and found an orange popsicle holder (Husquevarna orange of course!) and he was looking, looking, looking for a "tree" when he spotted an old crusty cheese stick...(Mary Poppins would kick my butt, I know) and he looked at me with a huge smile and said, "my yaw my tree" (Levi speak: my saw, my tree) and then he looked at Ron and said "daddy's yaw, daddy's tree...SAME!"

He makes my heart smile!

Happy trails,

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