Monday, October 3, 2011

Just Catchin' You Up - Grape Harvest

Can you believe how fast this summer flew by?  It's into fall and I'm booking schools for our Fairchild Farm tours like crazy!  As well as having our pumpkin patch open on weekends.

I couldn't stand however not showing you this early fall's highlights. Grape Harvest!

Don't eat the seeds Jessica!

Maggie is having a blast!

We even got our neighbors to help...we told them "YES!" when they offered to bring their kids over for a homeschooling field trip.

"Oh yes you will help!" says Kara.

Cody taking off netting.  All total between reds and whites, we hand picked around 3300 pounds.  For a first harvest year, we did alright.  First year is about 60% of harvest in following years.  It has been so interesting, as much as I gripe about having to work out there, I do miss it since harvest took all of 8 hours total.  The first week of turning the sheep out there, I felt like I had sent a kid to college or something, like the vineyard didn't need me anymore! LOL!!!

Here's one of the sheep working on "clean up."  Harvest was so fun.  Ron as well as everybody else had a blast.  The winery that bought the grapes gave us 4 bottles of different wine for free.  Since Ron doesn't like wine, it's been super fun for me! =)

"Pacing myself on the free wine" Fairchild Farmgirl

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  1. Suzanne, I'm so happy that you got to harvest and had so much fun! I was worried after you had the pestilence problem or whatever it was. xoxo Terah