Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Good Day

Today was a good day. 

If I'd just looked at the "to-do" list, I'd have thought otherwise, but I didn't write down all my sidetrack missions.

For instance:
  • 7 loads of laundry not on the list.  Appears I'm still waiting for the laundry fairy to get off her high horse and get to work.

  • Work 140 head of cattle.  "Crap, that's right!  When is the vet coming? 2PM?  Yes right after nap!"  So I get to chase cattle up the chute to the vet, check for nuts and assorted puss pockets, shoo flies off my two little ones, pick up the toys that they throw from the back of my Yukon into my running path where I chase up the cows/bulls, so I don't trip and break my neck...wait, if I hurt myself do I still have to work cattle? =)  Well, today lacked interest...all that I saw was an old cyst scar, one that was full of blood, and infected chopped up bull penis and too many nuts to count. 
  • Stained some window jambs for a client, whose my favorite person, so that was ok. 

  • Decided that today was the day to start painting the hayshed!  I asked for a ladder, I was told about the old rickety one in the cattle shed.  That was putting it mildly.  I, who is afraid of hieghts felt like Charles Lindberg when I was on the second step.  A sharp wind and I would've been on the ground.  I heard Sweetie mooing from her new pen that she HAS to be in for the month of October (remember, corn box for the customers kids to play in?) Well, since I'm fluent in "cow" I'm sure she had said to be careful, "because what if she got out and pooped in Big D's shop again?   Who would throw themselves between Sweetie and the our livestock hauler and beg and plead that she wouldn't do it again?"  Or was she saying she wannts out of the pen so she can take a big crap in the shop for putting her in such a small pen?  One will never know.
  • I also taught CCD tonight.  Nuff said. 
  • Now I'm blogging.  I can't believe how much I've missed this time I have with my peeps!

1 comment:

  1. Tell Big D to shut the door the the shop if he doesn't want Sweetie to leave him any presents. Oh is it like ours?.... the door is broken and you don't have time to fix it?.... Well I don't have time to make your lunch because I'm too busy keeping the cows, horses, dogs, raccoons, pigeons, possums, cats, out of your shop.

    Instead of a "To Do" list at the beginning of a day.... Let's make a "Ta Da!" list to end the day. That would be more productive and uplifting.

    Love, Terah