Saturday, October 15, 2011

When Ordering Fancy Coffee & Other Nonsense

Tonight Big D went and took Kara out on a daddy daughter date night.  They went to see Cody in a play.  D & I went last night and it was great.  We joked that Mr. Shy actually touched a girl. 

He probably has 10 girlfriends that we don't know about (he better not!).

So while all the other kids were throwing a fit that they couldn't go, I opened up my big mouth and asked them if they wanted to ALL (I know, I said ALL) go out for ice cream. 

After spiffing up the living room, spilling everything possible in the dining room, finding shoes;
 "I can't find any shoes!" 
"Wear your sisters shoes!"
"Me A BOY!" 
"Who Cares!"

Putting jackets on, taking them off, more spilling, more crying (why the hell did I have to mention this road trip anyway, wahhh!)

We were on our way. 

I get everybody out, main street is packed for our little town, so I asked the kids, "what do you do before you cross the street?"

Grace: " No running, no screaming, definately NO freaking out."
Me:  "How about just looking both ways?"
Grace: "Oh yeah we could do that."

We pile into a booth where I get strange looks like I'm crazy. 


Stranger:  "Are all these yours?"
Me:  "Nope, I run a Saturday night daycare. Of course they are."

I take a second to admire my brood after I quickly order 6 small sundaes complete with chocolate sauce. 

I'm proud  of them.  They're cute. 

WAIT...they still had facepaint covering their faces.  They looked like train cars.  I'm sure people thought that I was a crappy mom.  One guy came up to Levi asking what was on his face.  All color went to what was showing of his cheeks, so his big sister figured she should do the talking. Grace couldn't have pointed out the expertly drawn hotdog in a bun that was painted on his cheek.  No, she had to show off his fairy eye lashes that were painted on.  That's our boy.

But the whole kicker of the night was this; 
"Mom, if you'd ever have more money we could get a calfachino." Grace said really loud.  (Yup, "Calfachino, forever a farm girl).  "So you know what's in a calfachino?"  She torted all smart.

"Yeah," Rachel said, looking around, acting like she was 4 going on 40.  "A chino with a calf in it."

Stepping in for Juan Valdez,
Fairchild Farmgirl


  1. Calfachino!!! My trips to Starbucks will never be the same. That is so funny. xoxo Terah

  2. Wow, and I whimper about dragging my one kid out to lunch. And let's not even talk about that first week of school. Just call me clueless mom.