Sunday, January 29, 2012

Check Your Pockets Before You Go To Church & Other Useful Information

If only I'd listen to my own advice. 

This morning, I was out doing chores and I broke open a few bales for the sheep and other critters, then put the baling string in my pocket.  I continued on with my chores, got changed, threw the jacket on again and went to church.

I didn't realize this until I popped off my coat while trying to sing a hymn and the twine sprang out like a jack n the box. 

Although another time I went to the NRCS office and realized that I had a dose of LA200 in my pocket in a syringe.


The Check Your Pockets Fairchild Farmgirl


  1. Very funny. You just never know. At least it wasn't alive.
    At different horse competitions before I've had things fly our of my pockets like money, phones, cameras and the most embarassing tampon. xox Terah.

  2. Oh, and when that happens .... it's called a "Yard Sale". haha