Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's Sheep Shearing Day!

Here's the sheep, now they're cute.

Here's the best shearer ever! Clayton Callens.

The first victim!

This is my old crabby ewe with the best fleece ever!  Even if she didn't lamb, I'd keep her for her fleece.

The poor black one was walking around and the beige one was almost afraid of her, but the ram must have thought, "hey, who's the new girl?"  He loved her even if the other ewe's suddenly didn't want her there.

If you could see her face, this was Petunia, or as I call her Tuner who had a ginormous look of shame on her face.  Like, "Put my clothes back on!"

As long as he had 'em down, I trimmed hooves. 

After all was said and done, Ron and I thought three things;

  1. They are all bred - hopefully...it's a nail biter.
  2. Ten bags of wool seems like more than it is
  3. The lanolin stink is all over us tonight and won't come off!

A very smelly Fairchild Farmgirl

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  1. Very nice Suzanne:))) And I have to agree with you on Clayton:)))) Of course you knew I would say that. Farm life is good by golly!!
    Keep on writing and thanks for saying that about my son,