Thursday, January 5, 2012

You're Taggin' Along With Me Today.

Well, to be different and since I don't have that helmet cam (hee hee), I thought you as the reader could tag along with me to see what a Fairchild Farmgirl does each day.  I'm going with my trusty camera.

I start early.

Once we get the kids off to school and Ron comes in from feeding cattle, I go out to feed every other critter on the place, our calf (ves), horse, sheep, geese, chickens and my partner in  crime...Fluff Dog, pictured above.

After I come inside, I meet a pile (PILE) of dishes and a grody messy house to clean. 

This is what it looks like 2 hours later.  This is my favorite.

We walked down to get  the mail before lunch.

Then we checked for calves since I had my wranglers with me.

After we have lunch made by Big D, we get the kids to bed and I help in the shop. 

There...finished.  Many people do not know this....

But the lady behind this scary mask...that'd be me...does 85% of the staining jobs around here. 

Just sayin'. (What's scarier, the mask or the eyebrows?)

After I got the staining job done, the kids were still asleep, so I did some more work with the horse with ground training, hence that's why you are looking at her butt.

Since I knew nap time would soon be over, I decided to get in a half hour work out and then fold clothes.  I also found a mill to spin all my roving into yarn...yeah!  That just means I have to clean.over.30.fleeces.


After the kids got up, we rode the rig down to check for calves.  None...of's way too nice.  60 degrees in January and we are in Minnesota.  Those old cows are waiting for 2 feet of snow and a blizzard that paralyzes our farm.

After all the kids got home, we finished up homework and went outside to play in our sweatshirts.  We worked with the horse, I had every little kid on her and she did great.  Then Kara wrapped up practice with Grace while I went to the house and made this for supper.

After we ate and read books, I gave the youngest five baths, cleaned up the kitchen and will soon be putting kids to bed.

Soon, I will have my headphones on ready to work on my painting! 

A "good tired" Fairchild Farmgirl

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  1. That was soooooo cool. I loved sharing your day. Your wear me out though. When is your nap time?? Please do this again another time. Terah