Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Da County Fair

Ah, the Yellow Medicine County Fair.  It was small, but it was fun. 

Did I mention it was soo hot?  It was.  When I had informed (yes informed) D that we were going, he had mentioned something about the opposite of heaven and he wasn't going.

"Well alright...Kara and I will go with the kids!" I huffed off, kids in tow. 

No I didn't.  But I had to make this blog a little more exciting.

We were having a great time.  We saw a little bit of the da polka show in one of the barns.  That was packed with old folks enjoying music. I am also a closet polka listener.  One more thing you didn't know about Fairchild Farmgirl. 

Happy music for happy people. 

We left that and went onto the animal barns.  Do you know what's funny?  We have all the same animals (or most of the same) and they're not ever exciting as when they're at the fair.  My kids looked at cows like they didn't have 450 at home. 

What wonderful creatures those hogs were!  HUH?  There's 30 pigs at home?  Why I've never paid attention!

It was just too funny. 

Then we met up with my favorite friend of all time, Sally.  She was babysitting and had decided to bring the kids to the fair.  So we did more animal barns, etc.

THEN THE RIDES!  All five of them and their operators were just waiting to see which one we would choose. 

As Rachel, Grace and friend Alexis went on the first one, I closed my eyes and told Sally to yell to the carny to get the harness on Rachel's waist and not on her neck. 

Then it was Levi and Abigail to ride next on the fish.  It was a ride that went around in circles and up and down.  I thought Levi was going to puke.  For the 2 minutes that the ride was taking place, my poor little man was expressionless, white and white knuckled.  I thought he'd have kissed the ground when he got off.  Needless to say, he didn't want to go on any of the other four rides.  On the way back to the truck he said, "Mommy, me almost pook!"  Levi speak for "Mommy I almost puked!" =)  Abigail kept saying "Sally!  I'm getting d-i-z-z-y!"

The best by far was when we were in the horse barn.  Abigail was standing by the back of a horse (of course there was a shut gate between them) when the horse across from it gave the loudest whinny. That scared her, but then the horse directly behind her talked back...

"Sally...get me out of here!!!"

Happy trails, and support your local county fair.  There's a lot of good that comes out of it.
Fairchild Farmgirl

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