Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When Your Passion Becomes Your Obsession

I know...who's this Fairchild Farmgirl?  I can't remember her! =)

All kidding aside, this has been such a busy summer.  I know I have tanked on my blog, but I will get it all back and keep you entertained with my daily craziness...I promise!

So how do you do when your passion becomes your obsession?  (You know this is going to be about our grapes didn't you?) 

You know when you're obsessed when your vineyard looks that good and your prized rock flower bed filled with sedum, marigolds, and assorted other flowers looks this bad.

I wince when people come up the driveway.  Although I probably should obsess more about the obstacle course I mean driveway that they have to drive slowly through.  The kids and their toys!

Come on...doesn't this look like more fun than....

THIS????? Yes,  that is a thistle bush.  I repeat, a thistle bush.

Besides, the new family I have (since I don't see my human family anymore) say, "work in the grapes...oh yeah, feed us all the vines.  They're super yummy!"

These are the Marquettes aren't they beautiful?  You can see all the dark clusters in the background.  There's a lot of picking to be done!

This is Jessica who came along with me to take some pictures.  I think she got that apple off the floor.  I think if I make hamburger helper one more time this year my poor kids will throw it at me. 

Remember, I'm an obsessed vinter.

Last picture...the La Cresents.  Aren't they a beautiful sight?  They would be if you were me and faced at least four hours a day in the hot sun, rain, ice and sleet (wait, is that me or the mailman?) anyway, went through grape disease, weeds, crop destroying birds etc.

To have this.


Listen to me!  I am obsessed!
Fairchild Farmgirl.

Helper Teryaki...not the ticket.


  1. Your grapes look really nice so pat yourself on the back, the kids will survive on hamberger helper. Mac and Cheese isn't bad either. When the grapes are all picked and sold and the money is in your pocket you will be so happy.
    One year I had the idea to raise veal calves and I nearly lived in that barn. I wanted them to succeed so bad.
    The heck with the flower garden, there isn't any money in that, get your priorities straight. LOL

  2. Suzanne, The grapes are a spiritual experience indeed. If you love them that much! I do what I love. What fills me up. So what if the kids have to eat an occasional apple off the floor. xoxox I misss you!!! Terah