Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'll Just Say...Cold.

Friday we worked cattle.  The kids had the day off from school. 


We only had 70 head to do.  That was nice.  The vets came out and were like, "So were preg checking?"  With puzzled looks on their faces. 

"Noooo!"  I started laughing.  Their secretary had said that we were going to preg check all the cows and they brought out all their gear for nothing.  We had a good laugh when Big D said, if they wanted to check the three bulls maybe. 

Before we get started though, notice how crappy the weather looks.  It was a beautiful week and most days we wore sweatshirts.  Until today.  Misting and cold.  That white on the fence - ice.

First of all, it's a science.  Bring it and they will come.  On the other side of the gate to the left, is the rest of the cattle.  They don't want to get off the mound in the lower lot, unless...Big Daddy brings in cornstalks.

They  come a mouse to cheese. 

Fluff is sizing up the situation.

The help showed up and is ready to work.  Especially the smaller guy.  He's a whirl-wind.

This poor fella, first in, and first to get banded.  He walked out really slowly.  He's fine this morning.

It was a long morning of nut sacks.  Since it was cold, none of the boys were dropping them down.  They had'em sucked up into their bodies.  It was kind of funny.  Here three people had to coax them out.  I won't say how.  This is a family blog.  =)

So anyway, it was cold out for cattle working Friday.  Not so much fun.  It took this Farmgirl three hours to feel warmed up.  BURR!


Fairchild Farmgirl wearing a sweater.

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