Monday, March 12, 2012

Crazy Monday With Karla Pool

Hey all!  If you live around where we do, you'd be looking outside and wishing for nice weather.  At least I have.  I worked in the grapes today and loaded cattle.


That just knocks all the fun right out of a job, you know?

Speaking of something knocking, I've got my friend Karla and her family from central Oregon to share a story that all of us cattle people are familiar with....

The Cow From Hell

"I truly understand the real meaning now of rolling on the floor laughing my butt off, my thoughts out to my parents especially my dad the other morning(this just happened last week).

Karla's dad.

It all started out yesterday.  A prime looking, good 10 year old cow lost her calf and to the amazement of a good bull and life, twins was born to a young heifer. Solution: mama cow wants a calf and well let the grafting begin! (To those of you who aren't familiar with grafting, they skin the dead calf and tie it on the new one to trick the mamma who needs a calf) Dad brought them in and did what had to be done-calf is wearing a new hide.

So, dad has a nice little room for new mama and baby quiet and quaint.  Many new lives have been raised out of that room. It was just perfect for the new pair, oh life has been created and everything was working nice.

Until 2:30 in the morning on March 10, 2012.

Sometimes things just don’t seem as they should.  Somewhere during this little time the cow went mad.


She tore that quaint little room to pieces. Get this:  she jumped through the wall leaving a nice hole through the plywood and splinters everywhere.  Not kidding! 

She ended up in the tack room, and how she did this dad has not a clue!  You see he thinks this ol cow had a hidden drug problem because what lay at his feet he still shakes his head. The medicine cabinet hung up a good 5 feet is opened and all the contents on the floor! Bottles strung everywhere, pill guns, needles, and most of all how she opened the PILL BOTTLE he has no idea...pills strung everywhere! Some of saddles were strung here and  there, some sideways on the saddle racks as to say to dad, "it was a wild ride in here!" Things most likely got kicked and bucked around, the exit door is now hanging like, "what did I do?" Dad spots the old rip underneath corrals and over corrals, she is tearing things up left and right, as he is putting up panels as fast as she can tear them up!

Finally he settles her in the BIG corral. Shaking his head, he figures the mess can wait until morning, calf will be fine until morning, by the way it’s around quarter to 4 now and he headed to the house.  Mom is up worried ready to head out.  Dad tells of the findings from how he met THE COW FROM HELL!!!

So waiting until daylight not getting much sleep, dads sees what he went to see in the morning. It's early dawn his cow is out of the big corral and the calf bucked the hide off. Well, you see that cow has made this ol cowboy MAD and since she'd gotten herself into this mess, she'll get in and most likely will be introduced to cow hobbles,then that calf could suck.  AND if that didn't work, a trip to the sale and she won't be his problem anymore.

BUT, you see, that ol gal had a change of heart....

There is a happy ending to this little true story, Friday night you see that ol cow decided after all she wanted that baby and they are happy as can be.

AND so were the less for the cull pen!  No I kid...we don't go as far as Oregon, but we sure would like a rap sheet on some of these ladies that we get in here. 

They can be wicked!  

So if you like this story and it gave you a chuckle, please shout out a big thank you to Karla in our comments section!  I was happy to have her take a minute for me as her and her husband are knee deep in calving themselves. 

So, double chain your gates and keep your cattle meds out of harms way...they can be spendy!
Fairchild Farmgirl


  1. I have to admit that I laughed the whole way through and all I could think at the same time was I'm so glad that was not us! Calving time is busy enough and lots of stories come out of it, some good, some sad. This one has to be the funniest one I have heard. Glad that everything ended well.

  2. I could see and hear it all. And I am laughing my ass off. I can just see how mad your dad got at having to repair and clean up all that mess. Thanks so much for writing this !!!! Terah