Monday, March 5, 2012

Crazy Monday With Nelseena Lehmann

Crazy Mondays are back!  To my new readers, I've had Crazy Mondays for my Monday blog in the past because, heck...others need to know that they aren't the only ones that have an occasional bad day. 

And what are Mondays??? 

Some days we all just need a giggle. 

My really cool friend Terah (aka Cowgirl Red I've had her on my blog before) introduced me to a Ranch Wives Page on Facebook and I feel like I belong!    Finally other women who deal with as much cow poop as I do!

I met my guest blogger, Nelseena (I think the coolest name I've ever heard of by the way) on this page.  She's a saddle maker and leather artist to boot (excuse the pun) and her work is beautiful!  Find Nelseena Leather Company on Facebook.  You'll be glad you did. PS.  That's her in the picture with one of her beautiful saddles.

So......without further adieu,  take it away Nelseena!

Casey's Zorse
Casey has rode horses since he was old enough to navigate. He grew up in South Dakota and now lives in Arizona, but has been all over the country with one thing or another having to do with horses. He was at a horse sale one day and this dun colored zorse comes through. Seeing dollar signs, he purchased her thinking that since he could ride anything with hair, he would break her and sell her to someone wanting a novelty and increase the bottom line on his checkbook in the process.

The zorse wandered about the rancho for awhile and she was obviously more than marginally athletic. She could stand at the hitching rail and flat footed jump over it sideways and land between it and the saddle shed without ever tightening the halter rope. Finding herself still discontented, she would jump back across the hitching rail, never doing anything more than amazing those who were watching her.

One day, due to outside pressure to "do something with the zorse", Casey set about to accomplish just that. 
Casey had his good head horse saddled, his big grey horse is very fast, very broke and very handy. He picks up rodeos with him and does some PBR things as well. This is not just an average arena horse, definitely a cut above. Since his intent is to ride her, he first must catch her, and due to her uncanny abilities, Casey determines that he should pony her for a little way and take the edge off of her. First mistake. She gets away and she is heading for parts unknown. Casey hits grey horse in somewhat of a Pony Express mount and begins pursuit. Mistake number two...underestimation of Zorse's speed. She lights out and her heritage starts to surface in the fact that her ancestors survived so well because they could outrun the cheetah...she proves to be no slouch as well. She is headed for the city and must pass through the golf course. The shortest distance between two points would be a straight line and Casey is headed straight for her. Leaving divots in the golf course he jerks down his rope and in hot pursuit of the Zorse, he encourages grey to find another gear. Next mistake, Casey thinks he has opportunity and casts his twine, to no avail, it comes up empty but has enlightened the zorse as to intent of this pursuit. She grabs another gear and is gone.

They are speeding through various greens on the course, through sprinkler systems and at last, the sand trap proves to be a friend. While the zorse is plotting her next move and executing a seemingly successful escape, she makes an error, her first. She chooses to cross the sand trap instead of going around it, the sand is deep and soft and flips her end for end, dazing her. Casey manages to get there before she regains her feet and her senses and just manages to get her roped as she is coming up. She has been roped and choked before and she leads up to him like a long lost friend.

Casey hits a long trot with the Zorse in tow. Trying to avoid grounds keepers and various sundry other individuals who are less than impressed both with the show and the state of the golf course. Casey, grey and the zorse arrived home much calmer and slower than they had left. He got over his need to ride her, the zorse found a new address, and the grey horse is once again the fastest animal on the place.
Thanks Nelseena!  She mentioned that she will be back if I need her.  Don't you think she should come put her feet up and tell us more sometime? 
Or make something for us? 
Just look at that picture of her work!  Which reminds little barrel racer needs a belt with her name on it.  I'm thinking Nelseena is my choice, let me know.
Until we see what tomorrow brings....
Happy to own a horse that can't be away from my heifer who can't be away from me with no golf courses in sight,
Fairchild Farmgirl

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