Saturday, March 24, 2012

Think Spring...Let's Incubate Some Eggs!

Yesterday was very important for us as a family.  We have gathered a bunch of eggs, Rachel and Ron marked all the eggs and all the kids had a hand in filling the incubator. 

Now, mind you, Ron has been incubating eggs since he was a kid.  His family breeds pheasants and collect eggs.  I can't be sure of how many thousands his dad still hatches every year, but his incubator is SUPER COOL! 

It's awesome. 

And huge.  You can do hundreds of eggs at a time.  It looks more like a walk in cooler than anything, until you open the big door on it.  Some day I will take some photos of it. 

This is ours.  It's a start. =) 

This is what we have in there.  The biggies are the goose eggs.  See the one in the upper left corner?  That was so big I HAD to put it in, even though I promised Big D that I wouldn't put any more eggs in there...I swear it weighed three pounds (that was after I told Cody not to tell him that I had just put in five duck eggs.) 


I want a good hatch! 

When we butcher these ducks this fall, do you know what I'm going to make first?  Asian Duck Tacos.  I have found soooo many great recipes for duck, I'm super excited!


"Don't count your duck, geese and chicken eggs before they hatch" Fairchild Farmgirl


  1. Thanks for the encouragement........Next time I want the kids to shoot those messy ducks (and geese) I will remember that there are so many good recipes for the ducks:)))) We only have chicken eggs in the incubator for now.
    Keep on farming girl! Nice updates of the good life.