Monday, March 26, 2012

Crazy Monday With Vicki Hinders

I would like you all to meet my favorite person and good friend Vicki.  I invited her to do a guest spot on my blog because being a country vet tech I knew she'd have at least ONE super funny story for me.   

I wasn't disappointed.

For some, she may look familiar.  Not only does she live about 5 miles from me, she's also been on some of my blogs because she works for Clear Lake Veterinary Clinic;  the outfit that works cattle with us. 

Sorry Vicki...I have a lot of pictures of you vets out.  The cool thing about her is not only is she a great tech (by the way, she knows as much as the vets) she's a great mom of those three pictured above, her and her husband Stacey run cattle and she has a great dog grooming business on the side. 

She's probably the only one that could handle Fluff Dog.

Fluff dog is a spazz when getting her hair cut. 

Who am I kidding?  Fluff is spazz all the time.

This is Fluff after a trip to Vicki's.  She does an awesome job!

But without anymore is Vicki's story.  It's about her side business grooming and a dog's bond with it's owner...

AND a steel door. 

But I'll let her tell it. =)  Meet Vicki....

Here is my story and I am sticking to it. LOL!

Well, I have this customer that is very elderly that has a hard time getting around and his dog is very connected to him. The owner is a bachelor and his dog is his family.  His pup feels she needs to take care of him and does not like to be detached from him.

I decided to pick up the dog for him because of his difficulty moving (did i mention she hates to ride in the car?) and then I'd take her home to groom, then bring her back.

Did I also mention that she's a lab -springer cross?  High strung!  

Well,  I have 3 children and things can be busy and I seem to have extra kids over all the time (sometimes Fairchild Farmgirl's 8). The first time I groomed her the kids opened the door just at the wrong time and off she went out the door in a flash!  

Amazingly, she heads in the direction of her home. 

I immediately went out to get her but she eluded me. I called her owner as I was following her and he came out picked her up and we were all happy. Luckily she was almost done I put the finishing touches on her and off she went with her owner. 

The story should be over right ?

Well the next year we did the same thing, having me pick up the dog.  But we had it a little different this time, I had to pick up kids from daycare because I worked that day. 

Well new year, new grooming game plan.   Did I also mention that she will eat my kennels if I put her in them?   (Now I knew not to do that because of 1st time). 

OK lets recap she hates kennels (eats them) hates to ride (acts like you are going to kill her) and doesn't care for kids.

But she does live in a garage when she does have to be away from her owner. 

So this was our plan: I would drop her off at our garage on my way, from there it's three miles into town. I'd also call daycare and have her get the kids ready because I need to get back home. I was literally gone for only 7-8 min and WOW there she was running down my driveway!

 Thank God I had her leash on her this time and caught her! 

Anyone guess how she got out?

Probably not...

Through the steel walk door.   She started on the bottom and ATE her way out. 

In less than 10 minutes!!!!!

I have not made any money on her after replacing a $130 for a new door. Unbelievable that she only had a few scrapes on her mouth after making a 12" hole in my steel door. I did finish grooming her she went home and we made a game plan for next year.

YES, I still groom her.

Well, now when I groom the dog, I just have him bring her over and he has to stay there, sitting on a chair next to her...

We are all happy then.

Thank you so much Vicki, you are a super friend!  Not only because we can call each other and vent, meet at the park with our kids, exchange recipes and gossip working "chute side" together, or the occasional family get together (it's our turn I know), but the fact that as I write this,

you are grooming my huge weirdo, and cursing me loudly because I have a large New Foundland that got dropped off at your house with a gazillion burrs in her 3 inch long fur.

Luv ya girl!
Sincerely Fairchild Farmgirl

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