Friday, July 8, 2011

And God Is My Coach...

What a day. This morning we went up to the horse farm and met Cocoa; Grace's horse.  Then flung Rachel and Levi into my truck for doctor's appointments.  Came home for 5 minutes then ran to pick up a part time kid that's helping on our grapes.  Back home to work on the grapes, then supper then...

Tonight I made a mad dash up to a neighboring town about 50 miles away (when you live in the sticks, yes your neighbor can live 50 miles away) with the T-Ballers. 

As we drove up there, I watched my mirror temperature fluctuate 11 degrees. 

I got the kids with their team...I was mad because Rachel couldn't find her glove.  Mom said, "well you're just going to have to play with out it.  That's what you get for not bringing it."  Which I would've swore that we brought it.

I found it later, after I dug through the back of the Yukon; pushed around the duck feed, milk replacer and rabbit pellets to by chance find it in the front seat (right where MOM put it) when I went to get their waters.  Needless to say, I apologized.

We sat down for only a few minutes and were watching the sky and the kids.  All of the sudden the clouds swirled around us overhead and the wind started to howl.  It was crazy! 

The coaches told the kids to shake hands and we were out of there.   I followed my friend Kelly out of there towards home, thinking we were leaving the path of the storm.  Unknown to me (and probably Kelly) we drove straight into another one!  I couldn't see fifty feet in front of me, the hail seemed to hit all sides of the truck and we both pulled over into a gravel road to wait it out. 

We met up at Cenex, both pretty amazed.  She said, "I just kept thinking, people die in this kind of weather.  You don't know it, then you drive right into a tornado!"  I don't think we were in the vicinity of even a touch down, but that was a super nasty storm and was over in about ten minutes but I havent' been that scared for a while. 

As we were driving back home I thought about how it would feel to be a real storm victim to lose all your stuff and maybe some family members.  I said a silent prayer of thanks that we are so lucky compared to others. The little girls and I talked about storms and nature and God.

As a true T-Baller, Rachel then said, "You know what?  I bet God is every body's coach, huh?"

Happy trails...hope you find one that suits you.
Fairchild Farmgirl


  1. That is a nice thing to remember, and I think He is, I am glad he kept you and your family safe.

  2. I'm surprised that there were no pictures of the rain coming down on this blog. lol You girls take that camera everywhere. I think I found someone that takes just as many pictures as me of just everyday things. Last night here in Clear Lake the sun was shining while the rain came straight down. I heard the rumbeling but it must of had your ball game in it's path instead of me sitting at home.