Tuesday, July 5, 2011

And Now My Life Just Got A Little Easier

A box came today via Fed Ex.  I was excited...I've been waiting for one such box.

Cody's first words after seeing "the box" were "YES! Thank goodness!"

Suspicious Kara, "Yeah well, does it actually work?"

A determined husband said "It'd better work...I paid enough for it."

A know it all Grace excitedly exclaimed, "I'll help with it!"

Toolman Levi sat quietly opening up the small box of tools that came with it. 

Rachel said, "Can I have a pop?"

"NO!!" We all shouted as I hastily opened the box.

Here she is.  A Louet Drum Carder.  I know, right now I'm feeling a little like the dad on "The Miracle on 34th Street" when he got the lamp shaped like a woman's leg clad in fishnet stockings.  I'm not understood either. 

It takes this wool, messy and not combed with some hay, straw, weeds and seeds in it,

and turns it into this, soft, clean and blended.  I used to do it by hand...it took forever.  There's also 26 more fleeces to do...

This is what the yarn looks like.  I think it's so pretty, but my spinner said, "just wait til you see the oatmeal gray 2 ply that I'm spinning."  I'm excited to start selling the yarn as well as using my batting for needle felting.  All my projects and yarn are going to help fund our vacation to Wyoming this fall with the kids. 

Happy trails and here's to all you wool fine crafters...I think I'm hooked! =)
Fairchild Farmgirl

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  1. When I first saw the picture I thought wow a rock tumbler, but now that I see what it does with wool that is just awesome. I love your wool.
    Are you going to dye it too or is it just going to be natural?