Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Segment Of "If Cattle Could Talk"

Okay, can I say one thing? Summer obligations on the farm and blogging are like divorced parents pulling their kid (me) in two different directions. I really apologize for not blogging regularly.

Now, onto the blog at hand.

Cattle Speak...101.

First of all, has anyone noticed this "south of the border" heat but on the Minnesota border? I feel like I'm living in a rain forest or a Lousiana swamp. Ron told me to plant some rice in my drowned pumpkin patch. Yeah it's hot, humid and wet.

Yestderday, Ron sorted cattle to load. It was 90 degrees here. He sorted at 1:00 PM. The trucks were here at 2:00 PM. The cattle weren't happy to be sorted, nor loaded.

I got some pictures from down in the feedlot just now, as we are on the brink of a horrible storm.  It's hotter than when we sorted and loaded. The big rig blew a tire, my four wheeler is broke, so I had no choice...I rode the riding lawn mower.  I know, it's so hot that I've reached a new hieght of laziness.  I'm so not proud of it. 

Big D saw me and shook his head in dissapointment. 

Back to loading the cattle.  D thought it was because it was so unbearable that's why we had major attitude, but it was worse than I had ever seen it.  So, if cattle could talk, they'dve said something to us that I dare not repeat.  First example, we had a cow cornered then she stood up on her hind legs and jumped over a gate and took off after Big D.  I was screaming at him to get out of the way, I thought he was dead meat.  That gate was chest high!

 I know what you're thinking, how high is her chest?  She's 37 and breast fed 6 kids...It's probably no more than a hog panel...

Hey, hey, it's a five foot gate! =)

It was Fish Hook and Cowzilla's bus ride to the slaughter plant today and I was impressed that they didn't throw more of a fit.  FH did try her darndess not to be ran up the alley way and turned on me but I think she knew it was inevitable.  She finally went on without a problem. 

After we loaded them, we told the trucker, to watch out for them on the "unload" and said that the rest of the riders were just fine. 

That was before D got chased and I met up with my arch rival..."Green Tagged Bull". 

I hate that bull, so glad he's gone.  When we worked him the first time he was being a jerk and we couldn't get him in the pen.  Ron made Fluff Dog and I the bait in the short corrall to get him to come in there. 

So, he was in with the last eight that had to be loaded.  He had already dodged the bullet with the group of 13 before him.  He was running with them and right at the gate he doubled back and was hanging out with his ladies again.

When  he found out that it was MY way then the higway, he was none too happy.  I started waving my arms and doing my cattle yodel usually they're off and running. (I should try for "America's Got Talent").

 I'm kidding.

Green Tagged Bull wouldn't even move.  He stared at me.  The other seven cows wanted no part of this crazy lady singin' her song and waving her sorting stick.  It was a show down...until....

He gave me crazy eye and he started flinging his head around.  I was about 5 feet from him.  I yelled to D that I was scared and ran out of the pen like a sissy...

The end.

Happy Trails!
The Scared Farmgirl


  1. Ha Suzanne, I run like sissy out of the pens quite often. He used you for bait? Don't give TH any ideas. As form the riding mower. Pure genius. Terah

  2. Heck, I think you are brave. I have had a hog chase me up a tree, when I was young and much more brave and agile.

  3. P.S. Don't apologize for not blogging. No one that works outside is blogging much during this time of year. Just enjoy the ride. I know I am.