Saturday, July 30, 2011

Toothless Wonder

This as you may know is our Grace.  She's got a predicament.  In this picture, she's riding her pretend horse named Tuff. 

In this picture, were going to show you her crazy teeth.

Her bottom front permanent teeth are growing in behind her front bottom baby teeth. This was post dentist.  You didn't want to see "pre dentist" photos.  You would have seen a Grace that was freaking out. 

Before we left, Ron handed me the checkbook, which was in his pocket, which was already hot and sweaty from the horrendously hot morning. 

At the dentist, my little chicken said, "I don't want my tooth pulled!" Then proceeded to throw a fit in the dentist chair.  The dentist proceeded to tell me that I needed to leave the room.  Before I left, the dentist said, "you know, you can come back next week to see if it's more loose than today."

Looking at  Grace in the chair, I thought about the sweaty checkbook and how much sweat it takes to put money in it. 

I wasn't about to pay the well meaning dentist two office visits. 

"Pull it."  And a hard loving momma walked out and went to sit in the waiting room without looking back.  As I sat there, I pretended to not hear the wails from Grace as she was freaking out.  People stared at the door that went into the working area. 

I could hear the dentist say, "Look Grace, it's done!"

Cries and screams stopped on a dime as I heard her say, "Oh!  Let's see it!" 

Guess it didn't hurt that bad.

She sure was proud of herself when she got home to show her dad and siblings and tell everybody how brave she was. 

"No she wasn't."  Rachel said nonchalantly who went along to the dentist with us. "She screamed like a baby."

I'm surprised Grace didn't burn a hole through her sister with her piercing glare.

Sometimes the truth hurts worse than the actual boo boo.

Happy trails to our dentist and orthodontist.  With one kid in braces, one needing jaw surgery then braces, one that will be in headgear and braces and now Grace with her teeth issues, we might see the exhaust trail from their jets as they vacation in Europe funded by the Fairchild's and their crazy teeth.

Suzanne Fairchild
Fairchild "How about dad ties a string to that tooth and the doorknob?" Farmgirl.


  1. You should have married an orthodontist and not married for love. LOL

  2. That's one brave effort, even if she threw a fit before everything started. It does take a lot of effort for kids to be able to go through a dental visit without crying that much.