Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Boy That Misses His Mark

I bet you thought that I was going to talk about Cody during these few weeks of deer hunting...

No...I'm going to discuss the perils and pitfalls of raising a little boy during potty training.  Just look at that face.  Could you really get mad at those cheeks and that sweet little chin?  I find it hard.  Even in this picture I just want to kiss that little chin.

Okay....I'm lying.  It gets easier day by day.  He's a wild man.  A peeing wild man.  He seldom lifts the seat and this morning, all blurry-eyed from my five precious hours of uninterrupted sleep I sat down in...(are you ready fro this?)....his pee. 


I'm on a "bottle of Lysol" a week habit, trying to get the pee smell out of my bathroom and it's not working.  I never had this problem in the summer because just like a well trained pup, he would ONLY pee outside.  Even if I begged him to pee in our bathroom.  He'd wake up in the morning, then from his room to the great outdoors ( usually the front step), only to come back in and ask what was for breakfast. 

Unless it was storming outside.  Then he reluctantly went on the toilet.  That was after standing at the door crying waiting for the thunder to pass.  When it was almost peeing his pants time, he gave up and went to the potty. 

No I'm wishing for warmer weather and a special on Lysol at the store.


Fairchild "Always Check The Toilet Seat Before You Sit Down" Farmgirl

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  1. I will send all my Lysol coupons your way Suzanne. But be thankful you don't have one of those soft toilet seats. My mom had one when my nephews were being potty trained. Needless to say when we say down it sizzled and yes the awesome smell of old pee came boiling out. OK i'm not proud of that story but I just wanted you to know that your not alone.