Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Update

So, as I was thinking about what I was going to write about tonight I got a little worried. 

"I'm not doing anything interesting lately...just being same old me."

Interesting....hmmm....let us see...we sorted and loaded cattle yesterday.  That was a little interesting.  I was in the middle of a pen of 150 cows with 30 of them being frisky bulls. 

That.were.fighting.all.around.me.  GAME ON.

It was the weather; cool, breezy, and morning.  A sure fire recipe for horny bulls...

There I stood in a sea of testosterone...except here's the funny...they're all banded.

There was bulls fighting, pawing and flinging poop up higher than I am tall (I was smart this time and wore my old sweatshirt) bellering and falling on their front knees and rubbing their big necks in the mud showing off.  Some of them trying to rush me (that's what I call it when they run at you and stop about 3 yards away from ya). 

Some day I'm going to wear a helmet cam.  That way I can get pics for you.  Or maybe I'll put it on Facebook when we're going to sort and I'll make a bunch of popcorn and you all can sit in and watch.

As big and scary as some of them try to be, I'd rather be in a pen of 30 of those ding-a-lings than 30 cows off the range.  Most bulls are like big dogs, their bark is worse than their bite.  Cows on the other hand...ugh!


That's not what the Farmgirl is going to talk about tonight. 

I'm getting creative for Christmas. 

Does anyone else enjoy making Christmas gifts?  I really get into the old fashioned gift giving idea, I think most people enjoy getting something that's really made well..  Some of the time making stuff is a necessary thing.    Especially when you have a some great people in your life, but you know that all your money has to go for gifts for your kids and bills. 

A few years ago we made bread platters out of cottonwood burls.  I walked past those big old trees that had their middles burned out in our grove fire, and I thought that someday I was going to do something with them.  The next year we took some of the trees and made magazine racks.   Ron even used the chainsaws to shape and grind them.  It was cool.  I love doing projects like that together. 

Well, this year I had no idea what I was going to do.  Then it dawned on me.  I was going to make grapevine wreaths.  I wanted to make a little more money off the grapes.  I got to work. 

I didn't know what I could use to decorate them.  I walked in the woods and found great stuff to be used for Fall wreaths, but nothing for winter Christmas wreaths.  Until I walked down to get the mail, right past the corn stalk bales. 

I could figure out how to make a poinsettia out of a corn husk right? 

Then the stakes got higher.  I was not going to make a single wreath the same. 

I haven't yet. 

Challenge me.  Have me make you something that you can't find in the stores.  I'm good at that! =)  I'm selling each wreath for $40.  If it needs to be shipped you pay the shipping.  I've already sold a few and it's my goal to raise my Christmas money this year. 

Go Me!
Fairchild "I'm my own cheerleader" Farmgirl


  1. I want to subscribe to your "sorting channel" That would be hysterical! May need a few bleeps. Love the wreaths. xoxo Terah

  2. If we lived closer to each other we could come and work each others cattle and then sew and craft after! =)