Wednesday, November 30, 2011

T'was The Night Before December 1st.

Twas the night before December first...

It's actually the afternoon before...

I've got nothing "Christmasy" done here.  Sure I'm making Christmas stuff, but none of it stays here.  I've got Christmas music on constantly, I've planned out Big D's present, I even did some Cyber Monday shopping.  This should count for something, right?

But now what?

I need to do so much more.
  • I already told the kids we weren't putting up the tree til mid December that buys me some time..  Believe me, with little hands we learned early on. 
  • I also have to plan the "production we call Christmas"  here.  We have elves that watch naughty kids etc.  You know what I mean.
  • I have to bake and send.
  • Write the Christmas letter
  • Send out 175 Christmas cards.
  • Send out 175 Christmas cards.  (That deserved two lines)
  • Clean house, no I mean really clean.  Under beds and stuff. YUK!
  • Have a budget ( I know, I'm laughing too)
  • Wrap and hide.  Wrap and hide. Be like my mom and forget that I had another present for a kid that's still in hiding. "Oops! Give me that crinkled up wrapping paper that Jessica is sucking on.  I forgot to wrap another present for Cody. YES I know we are around the tree opening! Play with what you have and I'll be right back," I hiss at Big D and family, take my frazzled self into the seclusion of my bedroom to start digging. 
  • Still keep blogging - as much as I can.

With that said, on the way back to her dads on Sunday, my daughter Ash and I were discussing my blog. For being 12, she's a mastermind of creativity.  We came up with this:

Each day I should come up with a memory to share, as well as telling my readers what a Fairchild Farmgirl asks for Christmas from her family.  I do come up with some crazy stuff, but I assure you, just like a little kid in a toy store;

"I could use everything! I just want it, K!?!"

I'm also going to list a lesser known charity each day to shed some light on other foundations, you know, in case you are in a giving mood.  My blog entries will not only be a feast for the reader's mind, but you'll learn a lot and it'll be good for your heart and funny bone. 

I know I'm a dork.  But it's Christmas and you aren't allowed to hate or call names during this season or your gonna get dirt wrapped up from Santa, so you have to love me.  Na na na boo boo!

Fairchild Farmgirl

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