Thursday, November 17, 2011

We're Outta Here

500 or so bales are here, hay, straw and corn stalks.

Our Fairchild Pumpkin Patch is done and it was so much fun!  Thank you to the community for coming out.

The new greenhouse is going up (it should have been up a month ago but whose counting days?)  We need to have it up in the next 2 weeks.

All that black color is cows, so that shows you the feedlot is full.  Can I hear an "Amen"? =)

Grapes are done. 

There's only about 15 pigs left, most of them we will just bring down to the buying station.

Oh, enough with the pictures!  We finally got enough stuff done to where we can go on vacation! 

Picture it...

Ron and I ...the open road. 

In our coveralls. 

No we aren't on motorcycles, we're going to the buffalo auction at Custer State Park.  We knew we needed to go somewhere.  Especially when Ron told the bank teller that he talks to her more than me. 

If you think about it, that may be a good thing. 

Ron is so game with any weird crazy idea that I have.  One day I mentioned the Black Hills and he was all about it.  Now I'm just trying to mercifully scrub the hog poop out of my nails and try to look somewhat presentable.  Good thing I can still take my barn boots, I won't feel like a fish out of water. 

I may blog from the road.  I promise not to post Ron letting his hair down. 


Tavelin' Fairchild Farmgirl

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  1. A well earned vacation. You guys have fun. Ron still has hair? Wow. Terah

    Suzanne, I love the new look of your blog. Did you notice I moved mine? Can you resubscribe? You will be my first one. Thanks Bon Voyage