Thursday, December 1, 2011

On The 24 Day Of Christmas I Asked My True Love For This Gift...


ERRRR!  What???

I love rodeo.  I love everything rodeo, from all ages, to all events.  I love rodeo.

The truth is, I've wanted a bucking bull forever.  I've also been watching Superior Livestock Auction Bucking Bull Sales forever.  I've went on websites...there's even places to keep your bull and they'll even take it to the events for you.  This beauty comes from Colome, SD. From Shippy Rodeo Bulls  He's exactly what I would want Big D to get me if we didn't have pesky bills to pay and the farm to take care of.  If I was a jet setter who had time and money I'd follow this bull around to different events just like a roadie.  Look at their website, it's really neat.

Picture it....

"Yeah, I can't make your danceline event Ashlyn, I'll be at the National Rodeo Finals in Vegas cheering on your little brother."
"What?  Mom, stop.  Not that stupid bull again."
"I have to make time for all my kids...even Smokin' Bandito."  That's what my bull will be named when I get one.
"Ugh!  No fair!"

Come on!!  People call their dogs and cats their kids....why not their rodeo bull? 

The only problem I would have is who would I cheer for...the bull or cowboy? 

Well today my first Christmas memory of the month is pretty fresh, one that I will remember for a while.  You happened an hour ago (hey we're in the month of Dec. and for me that classifies as a Christmas memory).  I had a surprise waiting for me at the end of the loading chute when I looked out the window this morning. 

A cattle truck. 

D isn't home.  That figures.

I'm just like one of Pavlov's dogs I tell ya.  Condition me to do something the same way for years and I will do it that way again.  Even if the gates are going one way, yes...I will switch them, just like a dummy would.

"Did you know that we were getting cattle in this morning?"  I yell into the phone as I look out the window into the cold.
"Nobody called me." said a mad big D.  "Put them into the WEST pen and I will take care of them when I get home."
"K"  I get off the phone, go down to the lots, move the gates around and promptly put them into the EAST pen, like I have for years. 

CRAP!  Now we have to sort cattle he gets home.  DOUBLE CRAP!

Here's today's charity...check it out.

The Justin Boots Cowboy Crisis Fund

"With no guaranteed salaries or injured reserve provisions in the sport of rodeo, these professional athletes are often left with no place to turn when faced with serious, sidelining injuries and the accompanying financial hardship.
Recognizing that serious injuries can be traumatic enough without the additional burden of financial worries, the Justin Boot Company formed a partnership with the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) and the Women's Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA) in 1989 to establish the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund (JCCF). The Fund was granted 501-C3 status as a non-profit charity organization in 1991. " -from their website

Read more on their website:

Fairchild "I probably won't want another bull after I have to sort off those down in the pen" Farmgirl

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