Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday & Lent With The Fairchilds

Ahhh, Fat Tuesday. 

Tonight we are having Sirloin Steaks, baked vidalia onions with mushroom butter, potatoes, broccoli & homemade rolls.  Because the next 40 days are going to hurt!  =)

Since we are Catholic, we each give something up that's near and dear to our hearts. 

Fairchild Farmgirl?  Well she's giving up her Coca Cola habit.  I have one each day, but let me tell you, I need it. 

Grace, our five year old is giving up being crabby in the morning.  "It's going to be pretty hard, huh?"  She said.  No kidding.

Usually, I give everybody up until Ash Wednesday morning to decide what they are going to do, this year is no different.  Otherwise I pick for them (who wants your mom to pick your Lenten compromise? =)  )

I'm also going to go for a walk everyday of Lent.  Believe me, it's easier said  than done around here.  So, I either have to do it VERY early, which means getting out of bed early or cutting into my precious alone time that I use to paint. 

So if you participate in Lent, what are you going to give up?  I'd love to hear it!

Partying tonight, fasting tomorrow,
Fairchild Farmgirl

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