Thursday, February 16, 2012

Speaking in Ree Heights

About three weeks ago I was asked to speak at a Hand County Crop & Cattleman's Banquet.  I wrote and rewrote that speech again and again!  I had been excited ever since I said yes.

Well, last night was the big night.  We got to this little town and were welcomed right away.  We had fun before the banquet chit chatting, and I was so lucky to have my friend Arla and her husband Jay come to be my support group!  They're the best. 

I had to laugh at our wheels, however.  Everybody was driving nice pick ups, and there we were in old trusty....I felt right then and there that our tight money behavior was not such a good thing.   Even Ron looked at me and said," you know, I think we should have drove the green pick-up."    But come on it's a 3/4 ton and so hard on gas!

As the room filled and we started talking to different people, I have to say I felt out of my league a little bit.  Here were some big time cattle producers and large feedlot owners and I was supposed to give a talk on our operation?  Suddenly my story about a gigantic prolapse seemed...

oh so wrong. 

As I tried to look all smart, I told a new acquaintance when asked what we do, "We run about 500 head of cull cows & bulls".

Some how that just doesn't sound very "rock star" like.

 I told my friend who's a teacher that it was like if she had to give a talk in front of  about 80 superintendents.   I got up in front and I was nervous.  Ron could tell that I was, and he mentioned that he was sweating for me.  I mean, I'd given speeches before, but never to people that I thought were this important.  To me, cattlemen and women are the kings and queens of agriculture.  Probably because I love working with cattle.  Livestock is my most favorite thing in the world besides my family and faith.

But you know what?  People were so nice!

I don't think anyone cared that they fed out nice 6 weights or they raised club calves and our feedlot was full of bumps, cysts, sore legs, shriveling bull nuts or puss pockets that could fill an ice cream pail.

After my speech, I got a lot of people thanking me etc and saying it was a great talk. 

They even laughed about the prolapse. 

Fairchild farmgirl

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