Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Next Painting

What a day.

Yesterday was a sunny, slightly windy day so I was out photographing for my next painting with Ron and Kara at Timber Creek Charolais.  A shout out to Paul Hansen for letting me go out there, thanks bud. 

For those of you who know me well, the picture above usually makes me feel...well, anxious.  Like where's the closest fence I can jump on?  It's gonna get me.  =)  Not too many bovine rattle my cage, certainly not most bulls.  You see, they have to be white to make me stand on my guard.   I have to admit the Charolais bulls are pretty nice, it's the cows, heifers and steers I have trouble with.  We have a few two year old Charolais bulls in the lots, but they are mysteriously like pussy cats unlike their female counterparts.

He's actually very pretty.  I know what you're thinking, pretty?  Not like Justin Bieber  pretty, but like a new Ford pick up pretty. 

We took all these gravel roads to get to the place and it was really fun seeing all the countryside.  It was even better that Kara was there with her camera too so we could both take pics together.  These two pics above are hers. 

After much consideration, this is going to be my background, with the bull right on the other side of the fence with his harem of cows in the distant background.  You may think that it's going to be kind of blah, but I will snazz it up and I think it's going to rock.  =)  If I can get the same picture that's in my head on to the barn door anyway.

This is what it will be painted on.  Wish me luck!

With this announcement, I have to stop working on this for a while.  I know you are probably thinking, jeez, it hasn't changed from last  time, but blow it up a little and you'll see it has.  I've been working on the board siding. 

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