Monday, February 6, 2012

My Readers From The Ukraine

Wow, would I have thought that last year when I started writing this blog that it would go global? 


Is it exciting?


So I was checking the stats on my blog, and I'm able to see who reads it and from what country they are from.  Even though it varies from week to week and with the USA always being my top percentage of readers, I'm always fascinated with who else reads. 

This week, my #2 reading country was the Ukraine. 

To me that is cool.  What makes people from a different country want to read about some hick country girl and her funny farm life from across the globe?

I did some research on the Ukraine tonight.  Wow, what a beautiful country.  The land is very fertile and is called the "breadbasket of Europe." 

Take some time to read about the country and look at it's agriculture. 

Ukrainians, you are fascinating.  And, thanks for reading my blog.  I appreciate it.  Also take the time to leave me a comment to tell how you found me, and if you have read it before.  As well as what you do for work, is it in the agriculture field?  I think its neat to let people see what you do. 

Many thanks!
Fairchild Farmgirl


  1. I truley hope that the family from the UK send you some comments, I am as interested as you are.

  2. wouldnt it be fun to have the time to go tour a farm over there for an afternoon or so.. Cindy Potz