Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Waitin' On Some Women

Women you say?  Why am I waiting on some women? For help around the house, doing dishes, or cleaning out the hogs pen?  Nope.

Seriously, wouldn't that be nice? 

Especially the hog pen!  One word describes that.  Yuk.  I will definitely be wrangling some kids to help.  I'll tantalize them with a few hours in town at the movie theater. 

No, I'm waiting for ladies of a different specie or two. 

Sheep and a handful of cows. 

The sheep...again, it's a nail biter.  When ladies?  You've got big tummies. I hope its not all feed.  I'm driving myself nutso!

Now on to the cows.  There's a few cows in the feedlot that are really bagging up (utters are filling).  Then there are some that are like a maybe. 

Get on it!

Fitfully Yours,
Fairchild Farmgirl

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