Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Finally, A Snow Storm!

Last night and throughout the night we got snow.  We woke up to such a beautiful wintry scene.  It was awesome.


It was early morning, but I had kids that wanted to get the heck outside.  These coveralls by the way were ones that her 40 something uncle wore when he was her size.

Funny...the angle of the tractor makes it look like a stretch limo!  Doing chores with Dad is a pretty special thing for each of our kids. 

After we exhausted all clothes and outerwear and they were being hung in every available spot possible, we decided to make hats. 

Yes hats.

This is our sliding hill.  After every snow, Ron builds one with the bobcat.  We have only one sled, so most of us just went down on our butts, which was fun too.

The fowl are NOT happy however.  They do not like being penned up and the gray goose tells us this whenever we walk into the barn.  Soon, gray goose you will be back outside...but for now shut up, you about bust our eardrums!

This is the last picture is of my lazy sheep who like this arrangement quite well.  When we get a big storm, they don't have to eat outside, we feed them in the barn.

Bring on more snow!  Our outdoor clothes will be dry in the morning and school is already two hours late!  Hooray!
Fairchild Farmgirl


  1. I love it! We have had no snow this year. It has never been cold enough. I missed winter. Not that I'm complaining. Two years ago on March 26th we had a freak storm that laid down 3 feet. I wish I had been blogging then.
    I loved our little visit! Terah

  2. What a great day & wonderful photos! Snow and your own sledding hill maker- that amazes a city kid like me!