Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The 28th Of December And We're In Sweatshirts Outside

Today we worked 140 head.  What was different today was we only had to work 140 head....and that it was December 28th and we were only wearing sweatshirts.

It was awesome!!

That was until...

I received these 3 unwanted gifts:

  1. Cow boogies in my mouth.  Contrary to popular believe you don't need to be right by their face when that happens.  They have some blowing power.  When your standing there shooting the breeze with the vet tech and the cow beside you has an itchy muzzle, well, just watch out is all I can say.  Mouth open + cow snot = disgusting.
  2. Poop on my sleeve.  Usually that's a given.  New rations and a cow that's been on grass, sometimes equals runny poop.  But as I was pulling off back tags off this wild baldie cow, out of nowhere there was her tail and she splashed me with crap. 
Both of these things happened within minutes of each other I just want you to know.

But the piece de la resistance?

I wanted the vet to look at Fluffy Bear's upper lip and above her gums.  So I tried to call her over to us (the big baby wriggled out of my arms about nine times...did I mention she's 125 pounds?) SO Vicki sat on her front half with her screaming and bawling...picture it, Kristen  hadn't even touched her yet. She was so scared that as I was holding on to her back end, she peed on my leg.

"Ahhh!  I feel something warm!!!"


Then as I'm reeling from the pee incident (just kidding I could handle it)...

We run an old cow through the chute and Vicki points out a big puss sore on a her hip.  It had to be the size of a salad plate.  The poor thing's hip was broke or at least the cap, it abscessed and broke through the skin. 


We gave her a bunch of meds and are hoping for the best.  She's not limping which is good.  She's one of the ones we got in in the last week, but this obviously happened before her arrival here.  But now she's in good hands!

Hopefully she won't be the one that decides to kick our butt if we have to work them again.

I'm still gonna run as fast as I can if she's after me Fairchild Farmgirl .

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