Monday, December 5, 2011

On The 20th Day Of Christmas I asked For This Gift...

A field.

Not just any field used to belong to our farm back when it was homesteaded.  It's 18 acres out of the original 320 and I (we) would love to have the chance to own it, just like the original owners of this place had it.  Right now we have 22 that's all the acreage Ron could get his hands on. 

What would I do with this field?  Let me tell ya...

In this picture, it had corn planted in it.  If we had it, it would be hay, some more grapes, and blueberries.  Yes...blueberries.  I know that everyone around us thought that we were insane to plant 700 grape vines.  Now look at them!

Just with local demand (and the ten of us) I bet we could have an acre and sell out.  Who doesn't love that cute little berry?  I know our family does. We buy blueberries and they barely make it to the fridge, most of the time the little kids snea ka pint and run off with them. 

When we originally started growing fruit, we thought it would be a great side line to the feedlot that we run...I've gotten to love raising fruit and veggies.  This past spring after my garden was planted and I got contacted by the local butcher about raising vegetables for them, well I got kind of excited.  Then after our school called and wanted me to raise some vegetables for them, well I got REALLY excited. 

When I think about that spot there so much I could put in that acreage!  An acre or two of Sommerset Table Grapes, and three different types of blueberries, Reka or Patriot (early season), Tora or Draper (mid season) and rounding out the season with Liberty, then Aurora.  I even know where I would get all of these plants; from Fall Creek Nurseries. 

Just look at that picture.  Doesn't it make you humgry for some?  I can't take any of the's from their website.  Fall Creek has about the best selection and they've been sending me their catalogfor a while and it's great.  I sat down with it the other night and honestly read it from cover to cover.  I have never seen a seed/ plant catlog with as much supporting information, facts and insights as this one. 

 When I'm ready for my purchase, I will definately be going through Fall Creek Nurseries.

With that said, here's their website:  They even have information for the home gardener and if you do go with them it sounds like they have a great team to help plan, buy, plant and tips along the way.

Here's hoping I get my 18 acres for Christmas...or by next Christmas so I can advance my Fruit Empire! =) 

My cherished Christmas Memory for tonight is this:

My parents threw our Christmas Eve celebration one year in our cattle barn.  It was Christmas Eve and they didn't have a tree.  My dad managed to go find one out in our woods and set it up in the side where we kept the hay.  We were called down to the barn and there was this little tree with lights and a few candles put around it.  (We didn't have lights in there and it was dark)  They didn't ahve much for gifts, but my mom had made each of us girls a rag doll.    That still rules as one of the best Christmas' ever.  Remember, it's not the's getting there that's the fun.

The charity that I picked for today is called Emergency Food Shelf Networks Of Minnesota.

"EFN is a full service food bank, providing quality, nutritious food and support services to over 200 hunger relief partners, including food shelves, on-site meal programs, and Fare For All sites, throughout the state.

Partner agencies receive free donations from EFN, and accent what isn’t donated by purchasing basic staples at or below wholesale cost through EFN’s bulk purchasing program. Purchased items include rice, beans, stews, frozen chicken, eggs, hygiene products, and many others. EFN works hard to provide the best possible price to stretch budgets of partnering agencies.

Other resources provided to partners include free and subsidized delivery, information technology and training.

Our Family of ProgramsEFN’s family of programs supplement the core food banking services to provide additional food and equal access for partners and communities. These programs include:
Agency Support
Fare For All
Harvest for the Hungry
Baskets of Hope
Mobile Foodshelf
Lost Harvest

Long Local HistoryEmergency Foodshelf Network (EFN) was founded in 1976 by 12 food shelves in Hennepin County. Throughout its 35 year history, this organization works with food shelves to provide access to free food, bulk-food at or below wholesale prices, and support services like information technology and delivery. EFN remains local and independent with the business philosophy that anything donated should be free to the food shelves.
Read about EFN's history. " - From their website

Let's help our local food shelf!
Fairchild Farmgirl


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  1. Suzanne,
    Thank you for mentioning Fall Creek in your blog and for the nice comments you made. We're happy to hear you like our catalog.

    We have an amazing team of experts here that provide insight to blueberry growers around the world. When you're ready, give us a call.

    We hope you get your Christmas wish for the field! Keep up the great work with your blog and remember to keep eating blueberries!

    Merry Christmas from all of us at Fall Creek....