Tuesday, December 6, 2011

On the 19th Day OF Christmas I Asked For This Gift

This coat...

It's called the "Dusty Trail Ladies Plaid Jacket"  from Legendary Whitetails.  If I got it, I wouldn't take it off.  I would sleep in it...I'm sure of that.  And not just because our room is 15 degrees colder than any other room in the house. 

I'd wear it because it's beautiful!

Legendary Whitetails is a great company that some of my family have ordered from before and have loved the items they bought.  I was pretty happy when I got their catalog and I started paging through it.  When you marry into a hunting family, these are the kind of duds that everybody wears.

Wait...nothing cute and plaid...they're all boys.

Anyway, here's their website. http://www.deergear.com/home.jsp  shop online or request a catalog.  If you think this jacket is a-w-e-s-o-m-e just look at their other clothes for women and men...you won't be disappointed.  

Shh!!!  There's a few shirts that I want to order for Big D in here. 

If I get the coat, I will give a review blog side! =)

My favorite Christmas memory is what happens every week on Wednesday, for 52 weeks a year (all of dem) ....before CCD class.  It fits with this blog and is much appreciated through the year, especially during the cold winter months around Christmas time.


I know, I know.  At one time I was a venison snob.  Now it's deer meat Wednesdays.  I guess that's what happens when you have eight kids.  ALTHOUGH, I can make a lot of great foods with it.  My Cowboy beans recipe with venison is really awesome.  Come on over and try it sometime. 

The charity I have chosen for this evening is a great one and I'm really excited to share it with you!

"South Dakota Sportsmen Against Hunger.  http://www.feedtheneedsd.com/ 

One out of every seven persons in South Dakota (or over 100,000 people) live at or below the poverty level according toFeeding South Dakota. About one-half of these people are children and infants. A primary food shortage is fresh meat which is in high demand and difficult to obtain. Of particular demand is game meat because of its nutritional value in having low fat and high protein content.
At the same time, the deer and antelope populations in most areas of the state exceed population goals. Each year, many deer and antelope hunting licenses remain unsold, which results in a deer and antelope harvest that is too low for controlling the populations. If hunters purchase additional deer and antelope licenses and donate more harvested deer and antelope to needy families through South Dakota Sportsmen Against Hunger (SDSAH), the result would be a win-win situation!

Hunters have been responding to these needs for increased deer and antelope harvest, and have increased meat donation especially in recent years. In 2010, 104,178 pounds of game meat were provided to needy families through SDSAH and local food relief agencies. This meat was primarily a result of hunters donating 2,560 deer, 140 antelope, 1 buffalo and 3,646 pheasants. Other game meat came from community game meat food drives, hunter direct donations of processed meat to food relief agencies, and salvage processing of confiscated or non-hunter killed game."  -From their website

Fairchild Farmgirl...Now go hunt South Dakota!

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