Thursday, December 22, 2011

On The 3th Day Of Christmas, I Asked For This Gift

This new whirlpool bath tub.

 I know I missed yesterday's blog, but amidst Christmas Concerts and as CCD coordinator our Christmas party of making and mailing all the people that attend our parish Christmas cards, I got home, looked around and still had to clean up after seven kids and put some to bed.  Then after that, I had to work on some ornaments I had made for friends. 

So with that said, since this is a two person tub and I would NEVER take a  bath with Ron (I'm a good Catholic girl! =) ) I'm counting this blog as two.  I know you don't understand my dimwitted math, but trust me on this...k?

Let me start out by saying, this tub is big.  If you've been in my house before, you know that the measurements of this tub means we would have to take out the vanity, toilet, and medicine cabinet out of our one bathroom.  The good thing is that Ron would get that outhouse he always wanted, the downside is he'd still be sharing it with a bunch of girls. 

The poor man can't win! 

In all seriousness, there has been many a day that I would have loved to jump in one after being chased by working cattle.  When I'm covered in sweat, puss and nut sack residue (by the way, if there is such a thing as nut sack residue it would have found my shirt and arms...I'm convinced.  So far I've always missed the bomb that goes off when you hike their tail up). 

Anyway, my favorite Christmas memory is about a bath tub, sort of. 

Going to my grandparents house for Christmas.  Our homes couldn't be more different.  We lived in a shack, they lived in a mansion a stones throw from Lake of The Isles in Minneapolis.  Our house had about 6 rooms, theirs 17.  The best was when we would first get there.  Now, we had "sometimes plumbing " in our farmhouse.  Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't.   We would go to the neighbor's well and stock up for the week, keep water in a stock tank. 

No I'm not kidding. 

Anyway, when we would get to my grandparents house, we would play for a while, then we would get to take their tub.  With hot water that wasn't warmed up on a wood stove. 

I know, I'm 37, not 87.  These were the eighties that this happened in.  When agriculture was in the toilet. 

Anyway, back to the mansion.  We would get to take a glorious bath every night. 

My fondest memories are not of the presents, the seven course meals, the Santa gifts...

it's the yellow Dial soap.

My grandparents have past away, but my grandma loved to hear me tell that story.  I know it made her feel good that she helped out in that way. 

To this day, I still love that soap.

My charity for the day is:  People Serving People  It's the biggest homeless shelter in Minneapolis MN and you can donate, volunteer and much more.  Go to their website and read all about it. Here's a blurb from their website:

"To serve homeless children and their families and provide new opportunities for healthy, stable family life.
People Serving People achieves its mission and goals by providing emergency housing and community services that assist families experiencing homelessness in becoming self-sufficient and reconnected with the community. In a safe, secure and sober environment, PSP provides services which cultivate independence and accountability.
What distinguishes PSP from other emergency shelters is the broad range of on-site programs and services designed to address common barriers that homeless families are faced with. To provide a new opportunity for families, it is necessary that we help them find ways to break through these barriers and stop patterns that lead to poverty and homelessness. Housing and employment issues are addressed, along with educational, emotional and life enrichment needs."  From their site

Say a prayer for all the homeless people in the world tonight.
Fairchild Farmgirl


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