Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On The 12 Day Of Christmas, I Asked For This Gift...

A 350XLT Econoline 15 Passenger Van

Look at that baby...Once upon a time I would have laughed in your face if you would've said I wanted one of these. 

Yeah right.

NOW, however, I'm singing a different tune.  It's a little different when you have to drive two vehicles to get somewhere because we don't all fit in one anymore. 

We rented one to take our trip north of Duluth MN last year, and D and I both agreed that we would buy one some day.  It was so nice and roomy, plus we had enough room for us and our gear (which is a lot when you are toting 8 kids, baby included for 4 days). 

Pat on the back to the Ford Company...ya dun good!

My Christmas memory is this:

Going to Christmas at my grandparents house packed into my parents 1970's van (we called it the stabbin' cabin) it was yellow with a brown and red stripe, complete with a old style crank sunroof and a small tear shaped bubble window on the sides near the back.  Inside, it was complete with a bed and shag carpet...everywhere, even on the ceiling.  It felt like you were caught up in the armpit hair of Big Foot.  There were no seats for the back, so we all piled on the bed or on the floor where ever there was room. 

Now can you see why I've had "van phobia" for so many years? 

My charity of the day is:  Minnesota House Of Hope  http://houseofhopeminnesota.org/

Here's a little snippet from their website.  It sure looks like a good one.  They can use more than just money, it's volunteers, time as well as goods, like TP, Kleenex, food, etc.


To provide a safe and loving home where residents live in a structured loving environment with a 24 hour-a-day house staff that is committed to helping the clients learn responsibility, correct attitudes, and other skills that will prepare them to be productive members of their communities.

To provide an individually designed Christian counseling program to help clients overcome their specific adversities. To enable them to work through their specific hurts, problems, and behavior issues.

To provide weekly group counseling that will enable residents to learn appropriate behavior, respect authority, and relate effectively to peers and adults.

To provide Christian counseling and parenting classes to parents of residents. Counseling and classes are designed to improve family dynamics, rules, roles, communication, and conflict resolution methods.

To provide a Biblical based education curriculum that will provide opportunity to progress academically.

To provide instruction in life skills that will develop skills needed for today and in the future.

To provide an opportunity for spiritual growth that will equip them with the tools and strength they need to resist temptation when they return to their homes.


Fairchild Farmgirl

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