Sunday, December 4, 2011

On The 21st Day Of Christmas, I Asked For This Gift

These boots.

They are so beautiful they are magical.  AND  only sale priced at $397.00.  The picture is a little fuzzy, (I borrowed it from their website) but go onto Tim's Boots and you can see them up close and personal along with hundred's of other pairs that are equally as gorgeous.    What I like about this website is it's not selling any clothes, just leather goods.  Beautiful wallets too by the way. 

Check it out at  also enter in the monthly drawing for a pair of boots.  Very cool website.

As I write this Grace is whining over my shoulder that I "already have a pair of boots. It's no fair to have 2 pair ya know."   I'm absolutely positive I'm picking out a pair of childrens boots on Tim's for the little cowgirl in our house they are really great priced. 

  Rachel is sporting my old trusty's...these are my Ariats, which I love, but I have always dreamed of fancier without cow poop on them.  So D, squeeze in another cabinet job before Christmas...momma needs a new pair of boots. =) Just don't sell Sweetie my heifer calf...I know you are looking for any reason what-so-ever.

My Christmas memory for today has to be this one:

Grace and I were thumbing through the "Farm & Ranch" magazine when we came across their featured old pictures.  It was portraying Christmas scenes from the past.  Grace pointed to one picture where all the girls had an orange and the boys had a shotgun.  I explained how back in the day, an orange was a serious treat and those boys needed guns for hunting. 
"Well I think them girls got gypped."  Said a solemn Gracie.  "The oranges are done when they eat'em but the boys can shoot their guns anytime.  The girls didn't have it fair at all."

That's right...enjoy all the perks you get little lady!

The charity for today is totally fitting.  It's called Western Wishes and it's a wonderful organization.  Check it out.

"The goal of Western Wishes is to help children and young adults who have faced obstacles and challenges in their lives.
Western Wishes initiates, furthers, and supports events and actions that
facilitate such inspiration" - from their website.


A humbled Fairchild Farmgirl

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