Friday, December 9, 2011

On The 16th Day Of Christmas, I asked For This Gift...

This beautiful silver over copper onyx necklace from Jean Menden Silver. 

She is also from Minnesota the Dawson/Boyd area! 

Jean and her husband Tony happen to be great friends of ours....I met Jean when I asked her to do an art show that I was hosting in our little town of Gary.  Looking back now, I laugh at myself, but I was afraid to call her, I thought that she'd be too professional to do our little show.  I'm so glad she accepted for our Gary Art show, as well as the friendship that we have. 

Plain and simple, she's awesome. 

 She's a true blue silver smith and has even studied in Norway.  She can make something out of a pickle fork that would blow your mind and you'd be excited to wear it,  just like all her jewelry. 

I know that if I have it in my jewelry box, it's made by Jean Menden.

check out her website:

She's got great stuff!  Wonderful selection and prices that won't break the bank.  Thank you Jean!

My Christmas memory for today is...

Making Christmas cookies with Ron's family for 10 hours one year. 

It wasn't meant to take that long...we just had  a few recipes...a piece! =)  There was about 7 of us.  We made homemade yeast pretzels, eggnog cookies (which are still my favorite today) fudge, you name it, we made it. 

About the eighth hour we were pretty drained.  Ron's uncle Ted was even there  baking with the rest of us.  He didn't care that he was the only guy because he loved to cook. 

Since our baking day, we lost Uncle Ted.  My five year old Rachel and I drove past his house today that's now owned by his son and wife and I instantly thought of that day and smiled. 

My charity today is the Courage Center...this is the neatest place! You can donate, they also make cards, read some of their inspiring stories.  Check out their website:

Welcome to Courage Center

"We are a Minnesota-based non-profit rehabilitation and resource center that empowers people with disabilities to realize their full potential in every aspect of life. We use a holistic approach that includes comprehensive rehabilitation therapies, independent living services, drivers services, a community reintegration program, accessible aquatics and fitness programs, camps, and adapted sports and recreation programs. We have an inpatient residential program for rehabilitation after brain injury, stroke and spinal cord injury, as well as a chronic pain rehabilitation program. We also advocate for people with disabilities at the legislature and in other public forums.

We have locations in Golden Valley, Stillwater, Burnsville and Forest Lake, as well as a sports and recreation office in Duluth, and camps at Maple Lake and Lake George. Courage Center is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, and is a United Way agency." - From their website


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  1. These are beautiful! Also, my husband and the kids gave me a necklace by Jean last Mother's Day and it is one of my special treasures!